Serie 1948


Art of Serie

A little Chic, a little Rough receipt : 20 grs of Luxe + 15 grs of Bohemian + 60 grs of good Taste + 10 grs of luck


Are you part of this Series?

Definition of Series: A group or a number of related or similar things, events, people, etc. arranged or occurring in temporal, spatial, or other order or succession; sequence. .

We, a group of people who believe & extol "those good old days," of course with the benefits of the 21st Century... Selected a Series of things and basic materials such as fine wood, old tiles & Fabrics... Toured a Series of places in search of forgotten objects & furniture ... a Series of events changed forever Bogota in 1948, there is where SERIES 1948 comes alive, A house, a place surrounded by a Series of Stories, People & Events, located in the heart capitals art & culture Teusaquillo district. Welcome to Bogota Bed and breakfast SERIE 1948.

The House

Was built in 1948

Architectural heritage Tudor style house. This inspiring and unique bed & breakfast is located in the heart of Bogota. 3 minutes walk from beautiful tree-lined ¨Parkway Avenue¨ and an easy stroll to just about everywhere else.

Our look is a mix of past and present, furniture and art, combining colors with beautiful fabrics, stylish interiors with light full atmospheres, exclusively decorated rooms, parquet floors, red cedar doors, ornamental, vintage & stylish wooden furniture.

You can relax in the patio / terrace, take a book, choose a vinyl, mean while you plan your next move. Bogota have a lots of bike lanes, so you can rent the beautiful bikes of RUEDA BOGOTA, an in house tour & bike rental. and for the Mind & Soul, we offer KUNDALINI YOGA Lessons.
Perfect house for PHOTO & FILM Location. Special deals for Producers. Rooms & Fixers available with our partner COLOMBIA FIXERS.

Old diamond

5 years restoration

Even before i found this house I was obsessed with finding something with character and unique Architecture. Tried several times, also in others cities and countries, but i fell in love with this Tudor style mansion that afternoon of march 2011, and started my first-ever BnB, just after sign the last check, Dust, Cement, Bricks and Wood everywhere began to be part of my life... i Didn't have any knowledge of build, or a plan to follow, or architect, much less had the budget to make a restoration, Just had the goal to polish again this old diamond, and set it up to go.
There are quixotic ideas, this project was a bit of it, but the truth is that it was and will be a unique experience. A little sack of money and a huge sack of madness helped on this.

Just an appetizer, i took out all the parquet floor about 300 mts2, piece by piece, packed it in crates, them with a grinder take off the old glue...during 5 to 6 hours by day, i spent 10 months... them started put them again. Like a Tetris game.

The House

You'll definitely love it... People say they like staying with us and we believe them. We think you will, too.

light full atmospheres

Entrance Hall

stylish interiors

Living Room

inspiring and unique

Relax in the Living

Sun & fresh air

For your Breakfast

Is about details

Feel free to explore

We love Color

Beautiful Fabrics & Furniture

Our Treasures

From Grandmas to Papa, or just inherited

Our Look

A mix of Past and Present

All curated by

Serie 1948 Team

Plenty of Space

More than standard dinning area

Architectural Heritage

Late 40s Tudor Mansion

My old Cadillac

Breakfast and Coffee by Tappan 1948 Stove


1948 Guard

Rough Luxe

Feel and Touch

House amenities

We serve Colombian Coffee French press in our glass solarium breakfast room. Most everything is locally sourced or homemade and tastes really good.
  • Vintage Furniture in some Rooms
  • Private bathrooms in every room
  • High speed Internet Wifi
  • Smart TVs in each room
  • Soundproof windows
  • Smoke Area
  • Patio Terrace
  • Glass Solarium
  • Inspiring Living room
  • Fireplace
  • Bike Tour & Rent - In house
  • Free breakfast and Tea & Coffee station

The Barrio

40s urban design - Tudor Style homes - Teusaquillo / Art & Culture District

Prime Location, close to Everything, you are only a few minutes from Action. Really! Everybody says so. Teusaquillo is an up-and-coming neighborhood, one of the most iconic and central with one of the best Architecture in the city. The “Park Way” Tree lined avenue offers: Coffee shops. Community Theaters, Restaurants, Arts Galleries and Pubs.
Apart from a good breakfast, we don't serve food. Bogota has amazing restaurants - We will be happy to get you into a restaurant... “Elbarrio” is a great Resto - Bar, it has a Colombian gourmet menu, careful preparation & certainly original. Le cafe Boisson and Trementina also are good places to drink a beer or cocktail, all within walking distance...
So, you’ve bikes, booze, good food & some Art.


The unfussy luxury and intentional design are available in the 3 types of rooms: Small - Medium - Large.
Book direct with us, and get 7% discount

small room

Full Bed - Smart Tv Netflix - Sound Proof Windows - Wi fi - Private Bathroom

All our rooms have natural light, available view: Front - Back - Patio

Medium room

Queen or Full Bed - Cable Tv + Netflix - Sound Proof Windows - Wi fi - Private Bathroom

All our rooms have natural light, available view : Front - Back - Patio

Large room

Queen Bed - Cable Tv + Netflix - Sound Proof Windows - Wi fi - Private Bathroom

All our rooms have natural light, available view : Back - Patio

Large with Bathtub

Queen Bed - Cable Tv + Netflix - Wi fi - Private Bathroom with original mid 40s bathtub

All our rooms have natural light, available view : Patio

Informal Suite

If your call, is more space, rooms # 6 Small & # 7 Large can be link, 1 Queen Bed + 1 Full Bed Cable Tv + Netflix - Wi fi - 2 Private Bathroom.

All our rooms have natural light, available view : Back

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  • Bed and Breakfast
    • Bogota, Colombia
    • Teusaquillo Art District
      Carrera 24 # 33 A - 56
    work hours
    • Monday - Saturday
    • 9:00 am -6:00pm
    • GMT +2

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